Sunday, 2 October 2011

Read of the Month - September

I only managed to read six books this month which, for me, isn't very many, so I'm going to try and up my reading throughout October. Once again, I've read some really good books this month, but my read of the month for September has to be . . . Jane Lovering's Please Don't Stop The Music.

I absolutely loved this book from the very first page and ended up reading the entire thing in a little over a day. Please Don't Stop The Music was released back in February, while Jane's second book Star Struck (which I now can't wait to read!) was released in September, and I'm now wondering why I waited so long to read this one as I thought it was great.

The story flows really well and there's twists and turns galore - ones that I never saw coming at all, and which I loved because they were so surprising. There's also a great air of suspense built up as the story builds between two of the main characters, Jeminina and Ben. We know they both have big secrets that are hiding but we have nothing but a few odd hints and clues thrown in here and there to try and work out their secrets.

This is a really well written book with a great storyline and I now cam't wait to read more books by this author.

Other books that I read during August that are also worth checking out are:
* The Beach House by Lucy Diamond
* Seven Days One Summer by Kate Morris
* Wrapped Up In You by Carole Matthews