Monday, 9 January 2012

Me and my Kindle (Egg)

As some of you may know, I was lucky enough to receive a Kindle for Christmas. And I've been having a great time playing with my new toy. I have over 50 books downloaded already, although I am now starting to worry when I am going to find the time to read them all, particularly as I have a pile of paperbacks still to get through and there are lots of new releases I'm looking forward to reading over the coming year too.

My Grandparents bought me my Kindle, and I thought I'd share with you the conversation that led to its purchase as it made me chuckle and is the reason behind the title of this blog post. It goes as follows:

Nan: What would you like for Christmas?
Me: A Kindle, please.
Nan: A Kinder Egg?
Me: No. A Kindle.
Nan: What's that?
Me: It's a device you can read books on.
Nan: *Silence* A Kindle Egg?

And there you have it! I may be the only owner of a Kindle Egg, thanks to the words of my Nan! And do you know what? I've even taken to calling it just that.

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