Thursday, 12 January 2012

Book Review: Meeting Lydia by Linda MacDonald

Last week I read Meeting Mydia, the debut novel by Linda MacDonald, and as I thoroughly enjoyed the book I thought I would write a review of it for you all to read. I first heard about Meeting Lydia after speaking to Linda on Twitter. I quickly added it to my Amazon Wishlist (which is growing longer by the day!) and I bought it shortly after receiving my Kindle at Christmas.

The main character in Meeting Lydia is Marianne, a 46-year-old Psychology teacher, struggling to deal with her daughter flying the nest, the woman Marianne believes is spending far too much time with her husband, and attempting to come to terms with the effect that being bullied at school has had on her by seeking out one of the only people she remembers not bullying her on Friends Reunited.

Meeting Lydia is like no book I have read before. It looks at everything from a psychological angle - understanable as the author is a Psychology teacher herself. Having studied Pyschology myself when I was at Sixth Form several years ago, I have a keen interest in the subject and so found this book interesting and intriguing. However, I don't think you have to be in to Psychology to enjoy this book. Marianne is a character the reader can really connect with and as so many aspects of her life are explored, I'm sure many will be able to connect with her and her story in some way and enjoy the book.

Since reading this book I have discovered that Linda is in the process of writing it's sequel, which she hopes to release later this year. I personally can't wait to read it and am looking forward to its release.

Meeting Lydia is out now and can be purchased from Amazon (UK site)

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